Please read the following rules and make sure you comply with them all.

Entering and Leaving the Field

  • Your session time INCLUDES your loading and unloading time. Please ensure you keep to your allocated time session to prevent delay to the next session.
  • Please park your vehicle inside the gated area for your session. Parking outside on the lane creates congestion at session change over time and can cause obstruction to our neighbours.
  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your session start time.
  • The maximum speed limit on Stead Lane is 15mph, please be aware of other vehicles, pedestrians and horses.
  • Please do not get dogs out of vehicles until the previous session use has finished and safely loaded their animals.
  • Please do not exercise your dog outside the secure field or on the lane.
  • Dogs must be kept on leads until safely inside the secure field boundary and the gate closed.
  • Please close the car park gate immediately upon entering and leaving and do not let dogs out of vehicles without the gate being closed.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Please do not climb on fencing, gates or dry stone walling.
  • Please be aware that access is required on the lane by other residents so please do not cause any obstructions.

Scoop your own poop policy

  • Please 'Scoop your Poop' and place contents in the bin provided. Poop bags are available if you have forgotten your own.

Litter and Dog Toys

  • Please collect all ball toys including broken toys. Tennis balls can be dangerous for some of our larger field visitors so please do endeavor to retrieve your lost items.
  • Do not drop litter anywhere on the field. Please help us to keep the field clean for everyone to enjoy.
  • A litter bin is provided on site for your litter.

Wormed & Vaccinated Dogs

  • All dogs using the field must be wormed and have all vaccinations up to date.

Cancellation Policy

  • No extension is allowed for late arrival to the field.
  • No refunds are given for a no show to a session booking.
  • We reserve the right to close the field at any time, for which a full refund will be given. Cancellation will be notified to the field user/booker.

Field users do so at their own risk. No responsibility can be taken for any incidents within the field.

Vehicles and contents are left at their owners risk.