The 3 people looking after the field are Emma (main contact), Hannah and Liz:

Spirit - team member dog 2

Emma and Spirit

Emma is our main spokesperson and is available via facebook, email and on the phone 07716 128939.

Emma has a fabulous Alaskan Malamute called Spirit who is the inspiration for our field as she loves to run for fun and explore in a spacious area!

Hannah and Shandy

Hannah and Shandy

Hannah lives at Stead House at the Farm further down the road from the field.

Hannah has had dogs all her life and only recently lost her old dog called Shandy after 15 years of amazing loyalty for a blind sheep dog! Shandy could find Hannah anywhere on the farm and if Hannah was away, Shandy would go looking for her! The picture above shows Hannah, Shandy and 2 of our 3 Norfolk Terriers.

Liz and Lucas

Liz, Lucas and Friends

Liz lives at the Farm cottage and has done for the last 35 years.

Liz has had dogs all her life varying from Alsatians to Norfolk Terriers! At present we have 3 Norfolks called Sticky, Toffee and Pudding. The picture above shows Liz, grandson Lucas and our 3 Norfolk Terriers.

We are all here to help you enjoy the field with your dogs.